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Reseintyg för dig som reser med Nazar

Answer and medical certificate on the same day as sampling at the departure cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and at Arlanda. As a complement, we also offer sampling in several local locations in Sweden with answers the day after sampling for PCR. In all locations, response within 45 minutes for antigen testing.
Skriv in ditt telefonnummer så ringer vi upp dig och berättar mer

Beräkna när du behöver beställa PCR-testet för att få intyget i tid till din resa (gäller självtest)

När reser du?
För att få ditt reseintyg senast DD/MM/ÅÅ ska du:
Beställa ditt test senast
DD/MM/ÅÅ Beställ ditt självtest så tidigt du kan, men absolut senast före kl. 10 på morgonen detta datum. Du borde få ditt test till dörren dagen efter du beställer.
Ta ditt test och skicka till labbet
DD/MM/ÅÅ Tidpunkten testet togs fyller du i vårt IT-system, och den tidpunkten kommer att finnas med på reseintyget.
Labbet tar emot ditt test
DD/MM/ÅÅ Du får ett förfrankerat 1:a-klassbrev att skicka till labbet. Det kommer vanligtvis fram dagen efter du postar det.
Du får ditt reseintyg
DD/MM/ÅÅ I reseintyget kommer även datumet labbet gjorde analysen att stå med. Du får sms och email när reseintyget är redo att hämtas digitalt.
Om du tar ett test hos oss så får du ditt läkarintyg inom 48-72 timmar.

We always use approved tests

Our tests meet the Public Health Agency's requirements for performance. We always ensure access to the latest and most accurate PCR test on the market. The PCR test we use is CE marked.

Travel Certificate issued by doctor

It is important that you investigate the requirements for the travel certificate that are set in the country you are going to. Our travel certificates are in English, signed by licensed doctors and contain the time of sampling, analysis results and your personal information (including passport number and social security number). For you who does an antigen test, it also contains information about which antigen test was used. Our antigen test is on the EU's list of approved tests.

Regardless of whether you do a PCR or Antigen test, it will state that our tests are CE marked and that the test was performed by healthcare professionals.

We are constantly informed about the requirements placed on travel certificates for both PCR and Antigen tests so that the certificates fit the requirements set by countries.

At all of our clinics in Sweden, the PCR test is performed via a pharyngeal sample, except Umeå, where a nasopahrynx test is performed. The antigen test is done with nasopharynx samples at the majority of our clinics.

We are connected to the eHealth Agency's Digital COVID Certificate

Vaccina is connected to which means that you can test yourself for Covid-19 with us and get a Covid certificate that can be used when traveling. This applies to all our clinics throughout Sweden and both for antigen testing and PCR testing. If you have any questions about the covid certificate, you can contact our support.

Test yourself at our receptions

Test yourself with our nurses at our clinics by booking an appointment here on our website. After you have been tested, you will receive a digital travel certificate issued by a doctor.

Responsible contacts at Vaccina

Vaccina currently has just over 350 employees throughout Sweden. The majority are nurses who work with sampling in pharmacies, for regions and companies and who are supported by about 20 doctors, quality managers, recruiters and support staff from our head office located in central Stockholm. For customer support, you can contact us in our chat alternatively visit our customer forum.


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Oskar Skoog

Marketing manager

Andreas Yttling

Project leader

Vaccina belongs to the company group Docty AB and is a registered care provider that is under the Inspectorate for Health and Care (IVO) supervision.

Feel free to contact us

For quick answers, we ask you to chat with us in the first instance (response time a few minutes) or visit our customer forum.

For other questions, you can reach us via e-mail, where response times right now may be delayed:
Vaccina AB,
113 59 Stockholm

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